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Mexim has the largest consumer base in India in its sector. We supply to over 2000 customers directly after which we have our distributor and agent networks. At Mexim we believe in giving you what you want, or rather what you require - often better than local brands. We are currently manufacturing more than 1500 different specifications of self adhesive tapes.
We are one of India's largest Manufacturer and Exporter of BOPP Packing Tape, Custom Printed Tapes, Foam Tape, Double Sided Adhesive Tapes, Surface Protection Tapes, Insulation Tapes, Masking Tape (Painters Tape) and have a large capability to make Customised Technical Tapes.

Tie up with Bharti-Walmart

Our exclusive range of stationery and hardware tapes are now available at all Bharti-Walmart Best Price Modern Wholesale stores across india.

Visit your nearest store for our best price!

PVC Insulation tapes

Stay tuned for our range of hardware and insulation tapes. The PVC tapes would be carry the BIS mark.

Target for launch by Dec 2011

* New Stationery Range *

Stationery range of tapes are now in stores !!
1) Mexim / 12 mm / 9 meter / Clear - 12 pcs tube
2) Mexim  / 12  mm / 9 meter / Clear - 120 pcs tray
3) Mex40 / 12 mm / 10 meter / Clear / Tear 2 Cut -  12 pcs tube
4) Mex40 / 12 mm / 10 meters / Clear / Tear 2 Cut - 50 pcs pet jar
5) Mexim / 22 ml / Fragranced PVA adhesive - 30 pcs pet jar